The Uprising

The Unquiet Dead

The first nights of the uprising was about mass confusion. Though few zombies rose at first, merely the recently deceased, the suddenness of it brought about many deaths. At first, only a few corpses were able to free themselves from their coffins and tombs, but each night, more bodies returned to walk the land of the living. The nights that followed were both more dangerous and more controlled, as their appearance each night became expected, people began to use precaution, staying indoors at night, barricading city gates, and keeping men posted at all hours of the night. Any new dead were either quickly interred in consecrated ground, where the dead could not rise, or in some extreme cases, destroyed and burned. But it wasn’t enough.

Skeletal Awakening

As the numbers of zombies slowly increased, older dead began to claw their ways out of the ground, the very bones of our ancestors turning against us. Skeletons wearing traces of long-rotted funeral garb clawed their way out of graveyards and crypts, and though they appear to still be mindless, they act with a malevolence and organization rarely encountered among their ilk, whatever power behind the incursion giving them the efficiency and tactical acumen of a living army. The skeletons have armed themselves with magic arms and armour, either pulled from the graves from whence they came, or scavenged from our own fallen dead.

Most recently even ghouls and wights have appeared, prowling the streets after dark. Their appearance has greatly increased the threat of this uprising as both ghouls and wights post an incredible danger even on their own, and now matched with the mindless force of this undead army, it seems the tides have turned against us.

Lost Souls

Some have told of unquiet souls, whose bodies have long since turned to dust, appearing amongst the hoards. Ghosts, wraiths, and even specrtres have been seen, according to some. Though I have not seen one of these horrid creatures personally, and the sightings have been few and far between, this bodes very poorly for us. Hopefully a handful of these unshackled spirits will remain free of the taint spreading across the land.

The Massing

Most recently the dead have begun to leave. Zombies and skeletons walk straight into the sea, towards Gria Ammoc; we know not why. It is a strange sight watching them leave, vanishing into the waves, but it is a welcome relief.

Some have claimed that the orcan warlord Luciana Aelia has called her slaves to her, forming a legion of undead soldiers to protect her and destroy the world. Others have claimed that even the great city of Resdyn, jewel of the Kakton Desert, is under seige from this undead taint. Frankly, I don’t care why, it’d been three days since the last undead bastard was spotted here, and we’re thankful it’s finally over.

Unsent letter discovered on zombie

- Author Unknown

The Uprising

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